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workplace fire safety

Fire Safety in The Workplace: Understanding Why it is Important

Every business has a duty to ensure that it meets all safety regulations and legislation. Fire safety is no different which is why fire safety in the workplace has to be managed correctly. As a result, employers will have to carry out regular checks and maintenance to ensure that the right fire protection and fire…
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Risk assessment on brown envelope

Who is Responsible for Completing a Fire Risk Assessment

If you run a business, then a fire risk assessment is an important part of ensuring you adhere to all laws and regulations. By completing a fire risk assessment, you can keep employees and the public safe by ensuring you put all the necessary measures in place to enhance fire safety. All of this is…
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fire signage

Categories of Fire Signage: Importance of Fire Safety Signage

We have all seen fire safety signs but have never stopped to understand what they mean. However, should an emergency arise, they could save your life and that is why fire signs are so important. As a result, they are an integral part of any business and their fire safety strategy while they are also…
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