Fire Safety Signs

Fire exit and safety signs are a legal requirement in UK businesses. They are also a vital piece of health and safety, reducing the potential for accidents, and helping evacuate people from a building in the event of a fire. Elite Fire Equipment Services, based in Wigan, will advise you on the correct number, and type of safety signs for your business, and install them accordingly. This will ensure that the signage in your business is compliant with all necessary regulations such as the UK Building Regulation, the BS 5499 Pt 4:2000, and the Health and Safety 1996 – Safety Signs & Signals Regulations. This fulfils your duty of care as an employer and helps to protect your employees and customers in the event of a fire or incident.

Fire & Safety Signs

The Health and Safety 1996 – Safety Signs & Signals Regulations state that fire exit signs are required wherever there is a significant risk of health and safety to employees or customers. This will have been notified in your risk assessment. The regulations state that the fire exit signs must be visible at all times, which includes a power cut, therefor we only provide the very best in photoluminescent fire signage. We will be able to advise you on the correct type of signs, and luminaires.

Prohibition Signs

Prohibition signs stop people from doing something. A "no smoking" sign is a prohibition sign. These signs can reduce the risk of an accident, by prohibiting risky behavior in certain locations. The prohibition sign is the international sign of the red circle, with the diagonal red stripe through the center.

Warning Signs

Warning signs can be portable, for example, "wet floor" which may be displayed when there is an increased potential for risk due to a change in conditions. Or it can be a permanent sign if the warning needs to be constant. A "caution moving vehicles" sign is a constant warning of risk in a certain area. The warning sign symbol is the exclamation mark in a triangle, often with a yellow background.

Mandatory Signs

Mandatory signs are signs that must be displayed by law. We will be able to advise you which signs, and how many of each, are necessary for your workplace. These signs include signage such as first aid, overhead obstacles and steps, and fire notices. The mandatory signs are stipulated under the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1995. They also ensure your workplace rules are followed and are often blue signs with a white pictogram.

Safe Condition Signs

Safe condition signs show the action or location of safety. A first aid sign is a safe condition sign, as it shows the location of a safety item, fire exits are a safe condition sign, as they show how to get to safety. Safe condition signs generally use a white safety symbol on a green background.

Exit Signs

Exit signs show people, employees, and customers, how to get safely out of the building in the event of a fire. These include directional arrows to help direct people towards the exit signs, as well as exit signs that show where the safe exit points from a building are located. The quantity and location of your exit signs will depend on the layout and usage of your building. Exit signs are generally green with white symbols, often with a directional arrow.

Fire Signs Survey

At Elite Fire Equipment Services, we will conduct a fire signs survey at your business premises to assess your needs and recommend a solution. Our fully qualified experts will advise you on the number of signs required to ensure your building is fully compliant with the latest regulations, UK Building Regulation, the BS 5499 Pt 4:2000, and the Health and Safety 1996 – Safety Signs & Signals Regulations. Our experienced experts will produce a comprehensive fire signs survey and will be able to install any signs that you require in your business.

Why Choose Elite Fire Equipment

Elite Fire Equipment Services supply and install the full range of fire and safety signage, including illuminated fire exit signs, in and around Wigan, and across the country. When you come to Elite Fire Equipment Services you can be confident that you are receiving an expert service, delivered by experienced and qualified professionals. We are up-to-date with the latest regulations and will monitor any changes to the law, such as the recent Fire Safety Act 2021, to ensure that our customers are fully compliant. We bring the same level of quality to every project that we undertake, whether we are carrying out a fire sign survey, or installing an entire suite of safety signage throughout your business. Let us ensure that your business is compliant and safe, call our professional team, and discuss your business requirements today.